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Fancy a free upgrade next time you fly? Monarch Airlines are offering a number of upgrades to customers each week – simply for being nice!

How to get upgraded on your flight – or whether it’s even possible – is a hot topic for travelers. While we don’t have the definitive answer to the age old question of how to get into the first class cabin without actually paying for it, we do know how you can get a free upgrade on your next flight with Monarch!

The low cost airline, which flies to a number of destinations across Europe and beyond, has given customer service agents the ability to offer a number of free upgrades every week. How can you get one of the free upgrades? You’ll need to speak with Monarch on the phone, and most importantly? You’ll need to be nice!

2017 is the “Year of Nice” at Monarch, so the free upgrades make sense – and confirm that ultimately, kindness can go a long way.

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