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We’ve all been following the news after flights were cancelled and travel warnings issued against all but necessary trips to Tunisia. Now that Egypt’s capital is on the list as well, it’s best to reconsider your sunny holidays this winter. Here’s the update on what’s going on south of the Mediterranean and how travellers are effected.


Travellers in Egypt have been warned by the Foreign Office to avoid large gatherings in Cairo, especially political demonstrations and protests. Four were killed last week during these types of events and they are especially unsafe for tourists. Although no official travel warning has been issued against Brits holidaying in Egypt, many tour operators are ready to cancel trips should the situation in the country worsen.

Currently only Thomas Cook UK & Ireland has cancelled its excursions from the Red Sea to Cairo but all trips to Egypt are still operating as usual. As a precaution, travellers are recommended to check out flights to Sharm el Sheikh and trips to Hurghada along the Red Sea instead, a fair distance from the capital but with plenty to see and do.

Egypt is taking a big hit to their tourism industry this week, since winter is prime season to host Europeans desperate for some sun. Tour operators here in the UK as well as airline are taking a hit too. Some government have issued official travel warnings although the UK isn’t one of them. There is a curfew in place in Cairo, travellers are urged to respect it as well as stay in inside their Cairo hotels if demonstrations are taking place nearby.


Although the situation in Tunisia has mostly quieted down from the chaos that broke out earlier in January, the Foreign Office still advises travellers against all but necessary travel to the country. Airlines are also not taking any chances with their passengers. Thomson Airlines for example has cancelled all flights until February 16th as a precaution.

Img: Muhammed Ghafari / Flickr cc.

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