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We hope that apart from the usual family outings, reunions and mandatory work barbecues that you find time for yourself and your other half to getaway on an always much-needed romantic break. Whether you go for an overnighter, a long weekend or a few weeks away, here are four essential tips for a romantic getaway.

Everyone has a slightly different idea for their perfect romantic getaway but if you take a look at the most famous places for couples to go to get some romance they all have four things in common, the perfect “recipe” so to speak, for a romantic getaway whether it’s the city that charms or a secluded island.

#1: Sunsets


It may seem like we’re pulling out the clichés early in this post but let’s face it, sunsets are romantic! Photographers don’t call it magic hour for no reason… the glowing orange light definitely puts your partner in a new (very attractive) light. It doesn’t matter if its on a beach in Hawaii, Santorini, in Paris or over looking the Grand Canyon, sunsets are very romantic.

Flights to Santorini

#2: Peace and calm


Call it peace, calm, serenity or whatever else you like, having the uninterrupted opportunity to spend time together is priceless and with today’s busy lifestyles, hard to manage on a day to day basis. It’s no wonder that secluded destinations are so popular for couples. Turns out that the Scottish Highlands rank just as high on the “romantic scale” as Paris and Rome.

Flights to Edinburgh

#3: Food and Wine


You can easily revolve a whole trip around these two things. With famous wine trails to explore in the Bordeaux and Loire regions of France, Martha’s Vineyards in California, Tuscany in Italy and the Niagara Peninsula in Canada… where there is great wine you can bet there is fantastic food. For city outings, these destinations for the food-lover’s soul will certainly please.

Flights to Bordeaux

#4: Water


What do Venice, Santorini, Hawaii, Bora Bora and the Lake District all have in common? Water. It’s actually quite amazing that most all the places that rank highly as romantic destinations have something to do with water whether it be waterfalls, lakes, rivers, seasides… even rain.

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Do you agree? What else makes for a perfect romantic holiday?

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