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Our social media feeds are jam packed with stories of people who quit their job to travel and who are now living the dream. While this seems like a pretty amazing lifestyle, sometimes it’s just not realistic – what if you love your job, or can’t afford to travel without it? Not a problem – here’s how to do both.

Here are some tips of how to hold down a 9-5 job whilst still having an affair with your exotic little secret wanderlust.


Use holiday days to go on actual holiday

We know how tempting it is to take days off work willy nilly; especially when you haven’t had a lie in for weeks and you’re craving breakfast in bed with yoru favorite series on TV on in the background. But all that doesn’t come close to the fun you’d have if you booked a flight somewhere exotic and jetted off on an adventure for a few days, or weeks! Life is for making memories – motivate yourself to make them.

Use all/the majority of your holiday for one epic trip…

The other 11 months of the year may be touch to get through knowing you have little or no time off work, but imagine that feeling when you log off your computer for the last time for four weeks. Bliss. Plus – it’s the most efficient way to use your time if you’re a fan of backpacking or travelling through a country orcontinent rather than just visiting cities. If you plan your trip well, you can travel overnight and really clock up some mileage on your holiday.

Rio de Janeiro

…Or extend your weekends

In order to get through the working months, making the most of your weekends is a must. Taking a half day here and there to extend your weekend is a great idea if European city breaks are your thing. Flights to the continent are quick and cheap, with destinations such as Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Prague and more all needing way less than 3 hours to reach. What’s more, there are often super cheap flight deals – so keep an eye out and you could grab a bargain.


Use those bank holidays

Bank holidays are the perfect time to take a quick holiday without using any holiday days at all, or – if you want to extend your trip – as few as possible! Easter in particular is a great time to travel, with warm spring weather and a four day weekend. Travel to Europe around these times can be more expensive, but if you head off the beaten path or further afield you could enjoy a holiday without actually using much holiday time at all.

Take a staycation

Why not use your weekends to explore more of the UK? With a number of awesome destinations and landmarks up and down the country, you could head off on a weekend getaway without the need to pay for flights or use a single holiday day! Glamping, camping, spa weekends, adventurous escapes – the possibilities are endless.

UK Coastline

In-between jobs? Make the most of it!

If you find yourself in between jobs, make the most of that time off to do a little traveling! Search and compare cheap flights to find affordable transport to your destination and take a little break from it all – it will be a great way to re-energise you for your new career.

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