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The current charge for a coach to enter the city centre is 200 euro; however by December the cost will increase to a whopping 1000 euro per coach per day to access sights such as the Vatican.

This inflation comes ahead of the higher tax on accommodation which has doubled from last year.

Tom Jenkins, CEO of The European Tourism Association (ETOA) said, “…the behaviour seems vicious and irrational, with no regard to practicality or planning.’

However Anne Hanley, Telegraph’s expert writer in Italy, said:

“While a five-fold hike in charges for driving a coach into Rome’s city centre may sound like highway robbery to tour operators, I think most Romans will feel relief, hoping that a deterrent of this magnitude might help keep coach numbers down a little,”

Although there has been a lot of criticism surrounding the increase, many are hoping it will encourage more discussion concerning improvements to the public transport links, especially from Rome’s main train station to the small station at St Peter’s.

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IMG: Darren Flinders / Flickr cc.

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