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When you are choosing your next travel destination, cost is one of the biggest factors in deciding the final location.

The financial services firm UBS has published its report “Prices & Earnings 2015” (“2015 Prices & Income”) which reveals the most expensive and cheapest places to live and visit.

For a weekend getaway cities such as Bucharest, Sofia, Bombay and Bangkok came out as the cheapest destinations, you are able to visit these destinations for less than £210*.

*based on two people, with an overnight stay in a first-class hotel, two dinners at a restaurant including a bottle of wine, a taxi ride, and two tickets for public transportation, a rental car (100 km), a paperback book, a phone call and postage for a letter. The flights are not included.

The most expensive places were found to be New York City, Tokyo, Zurich and Geneva which range between $656 – $689.

You can find more about the report here.

Before you book your flights to New York, be sure to check the cost of a weekend break to get the best idea of how much a weekend trip will cost you.

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