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Air traffic controllers created quite an uproar among travellers last week when they announced that they planned a nation-wide strike, an action that would disrupt 3 days of flights in the middle of the country’s peak holiday time. The controller’s union representatives met last night and decided to call off the strike. Travellers expected to fly next week can let out their sigh of relief now!

That’s right. There will be no air traffic controllers strike in August. The group met yesterday and decided against the strike after the government body made it clear that no negotiations would take place between the two groups if there was an impending strike threat still in place.

Pressure from Spain’s largest airline companies like Iberia and Spanair didn’t do any harm either though!

The union’s representative, César Cabo did say afterwards that the union cancelled the strike for August, but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t the possibility of one in the future. Hotels in Spain, airlines and tour operators that rely on holiday makers in August can relax, as can the thousands of travellers that have already planned vacations in the upcoming weeks.

One group estimated that should a strike like that happen, it would cost Spain’s tourist industry approximately 40 million Euro a day. Now that’s what I call a pricey protest!

Strikes like this can happen at any time with any sector of the airline industry, do you know your passenger rights? All travellers should know what their insurance does and does not cover, which airline compensate for labour disruptions and which will offer refunds should an unexpected strike happen.

Do you know your passenger rights?

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  1. well i think they still on as i have a friend how is stranded untill saturday and had to send some money last night

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