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Have you always dreamt of riding a unicycle? Not just for clowns, the unicycle has entered the twenty-first century. Introducing the Solowheel, the newest way to get around the city, guaranteed to blow the Segway right out of the water.

The hype of the Segway has long since died down but there is a new scooter in town to be enjoyed by yuppie tourists around the world, although right now it’s only available in California. The Solowheel, launched at the International Toy Fail in New York, takes the idea of the Segway to the next level: it’s much lighter and more compact making it perfect for (you guessed it) travel.

Weighing 9kg and runing up to three hours on a full charge, this small device boasts that “easy to use,” but is it? It uses the same operating principles as the Segway: lean forward to move ahead and lean back to slow down.

It’s only a matter of time before the Solowheel, available for a whopping US$1500, takes over the Segway in the tourism market. Can you imagine gaggles out tourists rolling around Rome on these electronic unicycles? The product pitch says nothing about sore or aching legs which are likely after two hours on this rolling machine… but is it more ridiculous looking than the Segway? You be the judge!

What do you think: Solowheel or Segway?

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