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Half the fun of travelling is the food, right? Culture and food go hand in hand and the only way to really get to know a country is by eating the way the locals do. Strange foods in strange lands however can take you way out of your comfort zone. Here’s a round-up of some of the strangest foods you can enjoy (or not) abroad.

We live in a global world. That’s why you’ll find a pair of Golden Arches in practically every big and sometimes smaller city you visit around the world. While it’s nice to have the luxury of eating something familiar when the food situation goes seriously astray, part of the adventure of travelling is trying new things, tasting new foods, putting yourself out of your comfort zone and seeing what happens.

Think you’re an adventurous eater? Take a look at some of the dishes these travellers have tucked into while travelling on holidays.

To eat, or not to eat?

Q2 via @BeyondBlighty What’s the strangest food you’ve had while traveling?

@bobahayes: Has to be the guinea pig in Peru. They were so cute running around the floor before dinner.

‏@kitwhelan: Reindeer stew with a vertebrae floating in it was pretty weird.

@AllAboutPuebla: What’s strangest food you’ve had while traveling? Salsa de chicales (giant ants) with pork from Pahuatlán, Mexico. Odd but delish!

@BackpackerBecki: Strangest food has to be deep fried tarantula in Cambodia.


Tarantula anyone?

@nsouthwick: Cow intestines in Argentina. Tried to be open-minded/daring. Regretted it immediately.

@driftingfocus: Squirrel brain stew, at a friend’s house in West Virginia!

@inga_ros: Cooked pig ears in China.

@travelblggr: Black squid ink risotto was a little weird. My whole mouth was black for about 24 hours.

Inky risotto

@Travel_Rich: Balut in the Philippines. It’s a semi-fertilised duck embryo. Yummy. Ish.

‏@nickminers: Dried fish and fermented shark from Iceland

@MarkVogler: Croc foot in Habinero broth.

@i_to_i: Rachel tried dried snake skin and crushed snake bones in Hanoi, Vietnam – actually yummy!

Would you try any of these foods? What’s the craziest foods you’ve tried while travelling?

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Imgs: oksidor, Paul Mannix, patrick_h / Flickr cc. 

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