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Romance is in the air today, being Valentine’s Day and all. Whether you’re just looking for the most romantic place to spend with your sweetheart or you’re really ready to ask the question, these are without a doubt the most romantic places around the world to propose. Where will you pop the question?

Lismore Castle – Ireland

Lismore Castle

This thirteen century castle is right out of a fairy tale. Your little “princess” will be swept off her feet at this Gothic castle when you propose. It was the home of the Duke of Devonshire in the 1700s but today it is rented out for private parties, complete with personal butlers. Pop the question in a shady spot along the green banks of the River Blackwater, or while horseback riding in the Konckmealdown Mountains.

Lismore Castle can accommodate up to 23 people and costs €3,500 per night.

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Juliet’s House – Verona

Juliet's house

Can there be any place more romantic than proclaiming your love to the girl of your dreams on the balcony where Shakespeare’s famous Romeo and Juliet did the same centuries ago? Tucked away in the courtyard of a small palace in the center of Verona, is Juliet’s House, one of the most visited sites in Italy for star-crossed lovers. Whether you pronounce your undying love in an iambic pentameter sonnet or in free-verse, the surroundings will certainly set the mood. This is also one of our top 10 places to kiss around the world.

Located at Via Cappello 23, there is no entry for the courtyard but €3 entry to the house and balcony.

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North Lees Hall – England

North Lees Hall

Lovers of Charlotte Brontë’s complex characters and never-failing-to-satisfy love stories can recall where Mr. Rochester meets and falls in love with Jane Eyre, at Thornfield Hall, a secluded manor in the English countryside. Even though Thornfield Hall is fictitious, it is well known that Charlotte based the description of this place on Derbyshire’s North Lees Hall. Today this Elizabethan retreat is rented out to the public and is surrounded by the natural beauty of Peak District National Park.

Two nights at North Lees Hall starts at ₤448.80 per person.

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Hotel Excelsior – Dubrovnik


Did you know that Richard Burton wooed Miss Elizabeth Taylor in a suite in the Hotel Excelsior in Dubrovnik? This hotel has entertained the likes of kings, queens, government officials and the stars of Hollywood. Spend your day exploring the city’s old town which boasts Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches, fountains and mansions. Take a ferry to Lokrum, a nudist beach, but make sure you’re back for sunset. The best views are from the top of the city’s walls.

Suites at the Hotel Excelsior start at €250 per night.

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Petra – Jordan

Petra by night

Imagine this 2,000 year old city carved out of a rock face lit up with hundreds of flickering candles… it’s all romance in this ancient destination. There are Petra by Night tours available and the perfect moment for that burning question is after seeing the city’s most popular monuments and the tour stops at the Treasury to listen to some local Bedouin music. Just don’t make any jokes about feeling like you’re in an Indiana Jones movie.

Night tours to Petra start at 20:3- every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. Tours last 90 minutes.

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What’s the most romantic place you’ve ever been? Have you been to any of these destinations?

Imgs: thumbnail: kansai / castle: TheLizardQueen / juliet: dichohecho / dubrovnik: mcaven / petra: paalia, Flickr cc. england: wiki.

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