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Here we go for another round of the craziest hotel accommodations in the world. Among the clouds, underwater, inside a magic mountain, on the move… that’s just the beginning of what kind of hotels you can find here, there and everywhere. If you’re looking for something unusual, you’re in the right place!

Sleep in a castle

If you never thought it was possible to sleep in a historical castle, think again! These are mansions we’re used to seeing in history books but you can actually sleep in them too. Here are just a few of what’s available in the UK.

Sleep underwater

If you thought the underwater hotel we showed you last week was one-of-a-kind, think again! Dubai also has its own marine hotel that really shows if you can dream it, you can make it.

Sleep in the wilderness

Ladies and gentleman, it’s time to find your wild side in Sweden. Here is the abode of ultra-naturalists, where moose and caribou wander close by and you sleep inside a traditional woodsy hut. Cook your food over a fire and snuggled up under a bear skin at night.

Sleep in the Amazon

Sleep in a tower among the tops of the trees, deep in the Amazon. These towers, seemingly sprouting up like mushrooms, give travellers unparalleled experiences in the jungle. What do you think though, a thrilling experience or an eye-sore?

Sleep in a capsule

Amsterdam’s canals are charming, so why not sleep in them? One of these easy-to-spot capsules should do just the trick, not only in Amsterdam but throughout the Netherlands. Park your capsule in the canals or just a few steps from the sea. This is one hotel room that is more than original.

Sleep in a magic mountain

Located within a protected forest in Chile, the Magic Mountain Lodge gives travellers a chance to experience the magic of the forests in a very unique way. The lodge is built entirely from local materials and was constructed by artisans from surrounding communities.

Sleep in an art museum

Have you ever slept in an artistic masterpiece before? This hotel not only houses fine pieces of art in gallery-style but the rooms themselves have become living pieces of contemporary art! Local just a few steps from the sea, check out these radical rooms.

Sleep in an arena

Can you imagine sleeping in a place where gladiators fought, bulls were chased and crowds trampled? This is a reality when you travel to Mexico and stay at a hotel that used to be the main arena of the city!

Sleep on four wheels

Sleeping in one spot is overrated in Argentina, especially when you can sleep on the go! This mobile hotel takes “sleep-walking” to a whole new level. Lay your head down in one place and wake up in another.

Sleep in the clouds

This hotel is just that and although a little funny from first glance, it sure does provide some stunning views of its surroundings!

Have you ever stayed in crazier? Tell us about some cool hotels you’ve slept in!

Imgs: capsulehotel, huilohuilo, ateliersulmare, quintareal, landmarktrust,houseintheclouds, ariauamazontowers, weirdomatic, kolarbyn / Flickr cc.

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3 responses to “The craziest hotels in the world (part 2)

  1. Ah, Hamlet thanks for the tip! We official put out a traveller warning to all heading to Armenia: beware of the Dili Villa Hotel! Eat the hotel food at your own risk!

  2. When talking about crazy hotels, I have been lately with my wife to Armenia, loved the history, culture and the old manuments with the old and great churches all around Armenia. But we had bad experiance too in Dilijan city where we stayed in Dili Villa Hotel the food was so bad that caused us poisening !
    But we loved Armenia and the people 🙂

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