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Escape winter, escape the grey skies and the inevitable blues this February and trade them for blue skies, white sand beaches and romantic shanties on Thai island paradise. Koh Samui is calling, all you need to do is answer!

If you have always dreamt of a Thai holiday, something taken right out of an exotic film like The Beach then skip the flights to Bangkok and head straight to the islands. Koh Samui is a hot destination for everyone from Prada clad celebrities to hard up backpackers. The islands offers, literally, something for everyone and at every budget.

This February take advantage of the cheap fares heading east. Take off from London Heathrow with Thai Airways for £462 (all taxes and applicable fees included) and arrive directly on your island paradise.

For rest and relaxation

Koh Samui is a pretty big island which means you can definitely get away if you need some rest. Stick to the northern and western beaches, they’re typically less crowded. Mae Nam, Bophut and Bang Rak are some northern villages that can accommodate you. There is little more to do on the island than visit the beaches and head inland to see some incredible waterfalls, so make sure you bring some good books and a good travel companion.

For a party time

By day, stick to the island’s busiest and most popular beaches: Chaweng and Lamai. The real parties start when the sun sets. Start your night off at a beer bar in Chaweng. A bottle of local beer will set you back 80 baht, (£1.65). Try Singha, Chang or Tiger. Then head to one of the nearby nightclubs.

For something a little different, plan a trip to the island’s rum distillery on the south coast of the island. They brew 5 different flavours and offer free samples. It’s the best chance you’ll have at tasting authentic Thai rum.

Tips for holidays in Koh Samui

  • Don’t drink the tap water, ever.
  • If you’re ordering a cold beverage, skip the ice.
  • Unless you’re an experienced rider, don’t rent a motorbike. The roads are covered in potholes.
  • Stay off the beaches at night, that’s where the most crimes against tourists happen and they can be dangerous.
  • Travelling by bus, never keep your valuable down below in the bus hold. They won’t likely be there when you reach your final stop.

Are you planning a trip to Thailand? Have you already been to Koh Samui or other islands in the archipelago?

Imgs: Bruna / Flickr cc.

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