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With more and more people choosing a gluten-free diet, it’s bound to have an impact on travel. Food is one of the big reasons why people travel and if you’re following a strict diet, it’s easy to feel defeated when looking for a GF eatery. Your best bet? The USA.

When GrubHub, an American food delivery website, starting tracking the gluten-free offerings at popular restaurants and following the requests of their users, they were amazed to find that gluten-free orders have climbed nearly 60% in the last year! When it comes down to the numbers, It’s safe to say that some American cities are just more gluten-free friendly than others but on a whole, the USA is a great country to visit if you’re gluten-free and don’t want to live off of the “free from” crackers you’ve packed from home.

Top 10 US cities with the most gluten-free options

So which cities have the most restaurant options when it comes to gluten-free dishes?

  1. Detroit
  2. Stamford, Conn.
  3. Eugene, Ore.
  4. Albany, NY
  5. Phoenix, Ariz.
  6. Lansing, Mich.
  7. Denver
  8. Seattle
  9. Ann Arbor, Mich.
  10. Providence, R.I.

This graphic from the Huffington Post, which shows which cities are ordering the most gluten-free options (green) and which cities have the most gluten-free offerings for customers (orange), using data collected by Grubhub.


Do you have a gluten-free diet? Which European cities have you found it easiest to travel to? 

Img: ilovememphis / Flickr cc.

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One response to “The most gluten-free friendly cities in the USA

  1. I cannot understand how New York City didn’t make this list. We have so many amazing gluten-free options in this city and many of them deliver. I would love to share some gluten-free in NYC travel tips with your readers!

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