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Google has rounded up the top travel videos of 2015. The list is made up of airline and hotel advertisements, tours of Legoland and Nepal and an internet meme crazy in-flight safety video.

Air France: ‘France in the Air’ – 87.9 million views

Air France’s highly stylized promotional video, ‘France in the air’ takes the top spot and is the most watched travel clip accumulating almost 88 million hits since March. As a part of a re-branding campaign the video shows men, women and children swinging gracefully in a very spacious and bright cabin – you wouldn’t get that kind of space even in first class.

The ad features beautiful actors representing different aspects of the country’s culture – ending the feature with the classic French kiss.

Legoland hotel opening in Florida – 17 million views

A 24-minute video shot during Legoland’s hotel opening in Florida ranks second in the most watched travel videos of the year. The video was uploaded by a very excitable family-oriented vlogger, FUNnel Vision in May, and has more than 17 million views. Before you take your flight to Florida next year, be sure to check out Legoland hotel from a family’s point of view.

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner flying ahead of the 2015 Paris Air Show – 12 million views

Coming in third is a video of a 787-9 Dreamliner rehearsing for its performance at the 2015 Paris Air Show.

Delta Air Lines: ‘The Internetest safety video on the Internet’ – 9 million views

Delta manages to spice up a boring safety video with a little help from some of the internet’s most famous memes! This 6-minute video is jam-packed with references to the internet’s favorite viral stars. Can you spot all 22 references?

Turkish Airlines, “Turkish Airlines Fly Africa!” – 8 million views

Marriott Hotels, “The Power of Travel is in Your Hands With Marriott’s Mobile App” – 7 million views

Airbnb, “Never a Stranger” – 6.9 million views

Marriott Hotels, “French Kiss Official Film” – 6.1 million views

Disney Parks, “Disney Parks Blog Readers Enjoy ‘Inside Out’ Meet-Up | Walt Disney World” – 5.5 million views

Google Maps, “Trek the mountains of Khumbu, Nepal in Google Maps” – 5.1 million views

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