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The votes are in and they have been counted. The honour of hosting the 2020 Summer Olympic Games goes to Tokyo! Sports fans, start saving your Yen!

Tokyo is celebrating their win but also getting budgets in place as they prepare to build the world’s most expensive sports stadium. The latest cost estimates 252 billion yen will be needed to complete the project. That’s roughly £1.3 billion!

So, what will cost so much? The stadium is shaped like a bicycle helmet and features a ribbed roof with a natural grass field underneath. The roof to the south will be translucent to let in light and there will also be underground soil ventilation (fancy!).

All the seats in the stadium are movable, so they can be configured to suit different types of events. The stadium will also have earthquake-resistant features… just in case.

While 2020 may seen a long way away, the Summer Olympic Games will be here before you know it and what better excuse to see this stunning stadium and finally visit Japan?! We wouldn’t book your flights to Tokyo just yet, but make sure you set yourself a reminder to do so at least 6 months before the Games begin.

Img: aigle_dore / Flickr cc.

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