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In a city which already boasts the world’s tallest building and an  increasingly futuristic skyline, you might wonder what more Dubai can do to emphasise its position as a metropolis of superlatives. Well, we’ve got the answer – welcome to the world’s first rotating skyscraper!

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Dubai comes along with another seemingy OTT idea. What’s on the drawing board? A rotating skyscraper!

Architectural firm Dynamic Architecture is behind the plans, which were first mentioned in 2008 according to the National. The building will have 80 floors and will be able to fully rotate, offering a different view on each turn – so you’ll never get bored of looking out of the window! The building will be powered by green energy, with wind turbines between each floor of the skyscraper.

There’s no word yet on when or where exactly the project will take place. In the meantime, the city has plenty of other awesome buildings to discover – time to book those flights to Dubai!



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