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You would not believe the kinds of things people pack in their carry-on bags! These are just some of the usual things were fished out of passenger’s carry-on luggage last year at London City Airport.

According to a recent YouGov study, items are confiscated from about 1 in every 8 passengers at airport security check points. London City Airport has put together a brilliant list of some of the most unusual things they’ve taken away from jet-setting travellers.

The most unusual and at the same time valuable find was reported not that long ago. Just last month in April, £40,000 cash was found in a passenger’s hand luggage… and they weren’t planning on declaring it at customs. From horse treats to fondu forks… here are some of the funniest, strangest and weirdest things taken away at security.

Top 10 weirdest things confiscated at security

  1. £40,000 in cash
  2. 500ml dog shampoo
  3. A bubble gun
  4. Four packs of horse treats
  5. Play-Doh
  6. Set of fondu forks
  7. 680g Pickels
  8. Quad-pack of John West Tuna in sunflower oil
  9. Belt cartridge cases (fashion accessory)
  10. Wooden meat tenderiser

Have you ever had anything taken away before your flight at airport security?

Img: Play Doh by Betsy Weber / Flickr cc.

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