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The Mercer consulting agency has released the results for their 2014 Quality of Living study, ranking worldwide cities which are the best for expats. But the results could prove interesting for tourists as well.

Mercer studied 223 cities, looking at 39 different aspects which are important for international expats. Slagin Parakatil, Senior Researcher at Mercer explains,

“Political instability, high crime levels, and elevated air pollution are a few factors that can be detrimental to the daily lives of expatriate employees their families and local residents.”

You can check out the full study on the Mercer website. The data was largely collected between September and November of 2013 but will be updated regularly to take into account significant changes to politics, the economy and any environmental developments.

1. Vienna – Austria

To admire the beautiful Schönbrunn Palace up close, catch flights to Vienna.


2. Zurich – Switzerland

Planning a trip to the opulent city of Zurich? Discover the “protective angel” suspended in the huge hall of the central station and Augustinergasse, one of the most beautiful and historic streets in the city.


3. Auckland – New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand’s main city (but not its capital) is ranked in 10th place for cities to visit in 2014, according to Lonely Planet. A return flight from London will set you back a pretty penny so make sure you book at least six months in advance.


4. Munich – Germany

The “other” capital of Germany, Munich is a haven for city slickers. It’s located close to the Alps and is full of prestigious and beautiful monuments. Don’t miss the Königsplatz while you’re doing your sightseeing tour.


5. Vancouver – Canada

This is Canada’s premiere city and is nestled in some of the country’s most stunning landscapes. The Rockies are just a quick drive away and a boat trip along the Pacific coast will be a highlight… especially if you spot some killer whales! On a budget? Here’s our guide on how to experience Vancouver for free.


Imgs: Mau_D, Little 02, Kamil Porembinski, Sids1, Mike McHolm, ecstaticist / Flickr cc.

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