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A hot, hot, heat wave has settled in on the Big Apple and New Yorkers will do just about anything to cool off. Introducing the Ice Bar! The city’s first ice bar is now open at the New York Hilton in midtown Manhattan, let’s take a look inside!

The entire bar is made out of it. It’s an oasis for those in the muggy and miserable New York City heat this week. For $20 admission, you’re given Eskimo-style gloves and a parka, plus the privilege of drinking a cocktail (on the rocks) in the Minus5 Ice Bar.

Manager Chris Eldridge explains just how much of the bar is really ice,

“The walls, everything, the chairs you’re sitting on, the glass you’re drinking out of, even the light above your head is made of ice.”

Curious enough he even goes on to say it’s 100% Canadian ice! For some reason, ice from the States’ northerly neighbour is more clear and perfect for ice-carving. The Ice Bar is made up of around 350 blocks of ice, each weighing 45 kg. With temperatures outside pushing above 32°C, the indoor temperature of -5°C is refreshingly welcome.

Stay cool year-round by visiting an Ice Bar in summer and spending a night in an ice hotel in winter… what a great combination!

Chilling out, literally…






Feeling the heat while on holidays in Vegas? Don’t worry, there are two Minus5 Ice Bar locations there too!

Imgs: Adam Selwood, bunnicula, chris williams, keri henare, dave apple / Flickr cc.

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