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Is lost luggage a thing of the past? If you’ve ever worried about your bag missing a tight connection or just getting helplessly lost on a multiple-connections journey, don’t fret about it a minute longer. Soon you’ll be able to track your misplaced and helplessly lost baggage with your mobile phone!

Ah, technology. Gotta love it, right? If you’ve ever been given the bad news that you luggage has been lost you know the feeling. You get a knot in your stomach, your mind runs wild to think of everything that you preciously packed that is not gone, your heart starts to beat faster, dread sets in…

Forget the stress

Amadeus, an IT travel firm, is teaming up with an airline technology system called SITA to create a baggage tracking system for mobile phones and social media. Air travel passengers will be able to track their luggage from the moment of check-in (“Look! There is goes into the labyrinth of trolleys and conveyor belts!”) to the time it arrives at the baggage carousel at the other end of their journey.

Lost bags will be “so last season” before we know it

Last year alone 29 million bags were lost. That’s a lot of misplaced baggage! Amadeus and SITA teamed up in efforts to reduce all this and hopefully make it easier for airlines to get the missing bags back to their owners. The technology is currently available to airlines and will soon be launched at over 54 airports around the globe as early as the beginning of 2012.

Soon you’ll be able to look up the location of your bags in real-time via your mobile, how cool is that? Of course if your luggage is lost, you should still know what to do.

The two companies did do some product research before they ventured into the project and found that 37% of passengers said that they would be willing to use their mobiles to check-up on the location of their luggage if the technology was available.

How will it work?

You bags will be tagged with a very sophisticated tracking device when you check them in at the airport before you take-off on your flights from London for example. Simple as that. There will likely be an app that passengers can download or they’ll be able to receive updates by either Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms while en-route.

Do you know where all the lost luggage ends up? Click here to find out!

Have you ever had your luggage lost of misplaced? Did you ever see it again? Would you use this kind of technology if it was available?

Img: fahoodperez / Flickr cc.

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