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You can always find a life lesson or two in every Wes Anderson film. Moonrise Kingdom is no exception and in this case, you can also pick out a few quality travel and adventure tips while you’re at it. Here are a few of our favourites.

Sometimes you just gotta fly the coop

When wanderlust hits and you’re ready to take off on another adventure, it’s best to be prepared. Whether it’s a quick flight to Spain or a tour of Scotland’s Highlands. If you like to travel Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop-style, then here are a few tips and things you’ll need.

Essential kit:

  • racoon skin cap
  • binoculars
  • battery-operated record player + a Francoise Hardy record
  • spare batteries
  • torch, scissors, rubber bands, toothbrush
  • plenty of maps and a compass
  • a kitten in a picnic basket (never leave home without one!)
  • a few good books: ideally stories with magic powers in them that take on kingdoms on early or on foreign planets

Additional tips

Follow your instincts

When the directions read “walk 400 feet due north from your house…” get out your compass, trust your instincts and your guide.

Don’t forget your watercolour paints

To capture the stunning landscapes along your way… and a couple nudes.

Dance on a beach in your underwear

An essential on any adventure, particularly is you’re with someone you’re particularly smitten with.


What will your next adventure be? What films inspire your travels?

Img: alizeelafalon / Flickr cc.

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