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Most (albeit not all) travellers these days opt for the itinerary-packed summer holiday with sightseeing planned from dawn until dusk, and then some. Days planned to the minute, just to make sure every second is taken advantage of. But what about the good ol’ days of relaxing and doing nothing while on holidays?

What’s your holiday style? Is it a 10-day whirlwind trip around a country, taking it all in or rather a secluded break with nothing to do but enjoy a book or watch the tide roll in and roll out again? It seems that the golden “do-nothing” holidays we enjoyed so much in the past have gone to the wayside and jam-packed trips that take sightseeing and cultural experiences to a whole new level have taken over.

It’s all about maximizing your day and your time. Right? Well, it’s all about moderation.

If you’ve got itchy traveller’s feet and want to see, see, see but don’t want to need another holiday just to recover from your last holiday, then here are a few pointers to help you discover the art of enjoying a “do-nothing” holiday.

Choose a destination suitable for doing nothing

Think of a country or region that is beautiful to look at but not totally in the middle of nowhere. Some places are just more suitable for doing nothing than others. Take London for example, this city is only about doing… go, go go! Get out of the city, head to the coast or to the mountains but not too far out because doing nothing is different than being bored, remember that! For the travellers that still want to sightsee (but really, keep it to a minimum), make sure there is a couple cool spots within easy reach for a day trip or two.


Leave the techy gadgets at home

Relaxation and rejuvenation don’t take place in front of a computer screen. I know, you can freak out now. But it’s true. Leave your laptop at home, especially if it’s the same laptop you use for work. You don’t want anything around you during your away-time that reminds you of life back at the office. Ebook readers and phones are okay if you need to stay in touch with home but try to leave any superfluous devices at home.

Dress the part for a low-key holiday

The point of doing nothing is actually to do nothing. You shouldn’t have to walk far or dress up to go out. Some may argue that if you have to walk more than 20 minutes to any place then you’re not in the right place for a “do-nothing” holiday. But there’s no harm in packing a pair of light trainers for short hikes. Nothing wrong with a little light exercise (keyword: light). Pack comfy clothing that is good for lounging and suits your destination. Going someplace warm? Then your suitcase should be full of swimsuits, sarongs, board shorts and tank tops… nothing fancy, everything comfy.

Essentials items

Books, beach (sand or rock), body of water (river, pool, bay, lake, sea, ocean… you name it), flip-flops, a view worth writing home about, hammock and a soft and cosy bed.

What’s your ideal trip? Any tips on how to unwind while on holidays?

Imgs: Benson Kua, Jeremy Vandell / Flickr cc.

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