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The Great Himalayan Trail is set to open to trekkers next month as spring arrives, a 1,700 kilometre network that features some of the highest walking trails in the world! Grab your boots and your warmest jacket, it’s off to Nepal we go!

Trekkers are calling this route the “holy grail” of all hikes. It follows footpaths across the world’s most incredible mountain passes and takes 5 months to complete. The trail was established in 2011 but closes each winter for the safety of the hikers. It’s possible to go from one end to the other but at this point, more people have walked on the moon than undertaken this task! Most trekkers will tackle only sections of it as it’s the longest and one of the most expensive trekking trips in the world.


The trail features no less than 29 high passes and paths that reach up to 6,190 metres above sea level. The trail has been greatly funded by the UK Department for International Development and while responsible tourism practises are in place, the trek is not for the unexperienced!



World Expeditions is the only trekking tour operator to offer the full traverse, describing the trip like this:

The 152 day trek commences in the far east in the Kanchenjunga region where the world’s third highest peak stretches skyward, and traverses the country to the high plateaus on the Tibetan borderlands in the far west.

It’s a trek that should only be considered by those with extensive trekking and mountaineering experience, a high level of fitness and a flexible approach as there will be the need to adapt to a range of situations throughout the trek.

Along the route, trekkers will be able to see all of Nepal’s stunning 8,000 metre peaks, including Mount Everest but the trail will also take trekkers through remote villages with cultures that have remained intact for centuries.



Want to take on this mammoth trip? It’s a 152-day trek starting in Bhadrapur and ending in Kathmandu and costs £16,990 per person. The next trip departs March 1st, spaces still available. First step? Flights to Kathmandu where the tour group gathers first before heading to Bhadrapur.

Imgs: kkoshy, ilker, villehoo, vir nakai, stevehicks, chandramohansam hawleywood / Flickr cc.

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