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After finding cheap flights for your trip, knowing where to stay is the next big question. From rustic B&Bs to homestays and luxury suites, we chatted about accommodations big and small on this week’s Travel Talk on Tuesday.

What’s your flavour?

Hotel room

When asked about favourite types of accommodations, everyone on Twitter had mixed replies. Homestays were popular among budget backpackers looking for authentic and friendly experiences while we all agreed that if you’re travelling in a couple, it’s nice to upgrade the camping mattresses for a hotel room every once in a while. Some stick solely to hostels for the social life while others are all about going big in a 4-star suite. Go big or go home, right?

Q1 via @waphle: What’s your favorite type of accommodation (e.g. luxury hotel, homestay, apartment rental, etc) and why?

@gwnunnadventure: Locally owned & operated mom & pop places. We like 2 support the local economies of where we visit.

@TravelingWithS: Love the flexibility & privacy of condos & apartments & feeling like I’m living like a local.

@ExpertVagabond: Small, clean guesthouse that’s a good walk away from the center of town.

@RainyDayTravelr: I love really unique properties that are a story in themselves, but I still want my free internet to tell the story.

@wanderplex: Hostels for sure! Love the social aspect. But homestays and family run B&Bs can be great too!

@Inga_Ros: When I’m paying and traveling with kids it’s a holiday rental or home exchange. These days? It’s 4 and 5* all the way through. 😉

@Roopunzel: Luxury gal… but give me a comfy tent and a sleeping bag I’m just as happy.

@monaibra: I’d say either homestays or BnBs. Love the feeling of being in a family/caring atmosphere. Plus it’s more authentic!

@FionaHilliard: Can’t beat a boutique hotel – little bit of luxury and lots of character!:)

 Did someone say, free?

Hotel soap

You know as well as we do that one of the best things about staying in a hotel is the free stuff! Admit it, as soon as you enter the room you check out the bed and then head straight to the bathroom to check out what kind of free toiletries are on offer. Looks like hotels are giving away more than just shampoos and conditioners theses days. Here are the coolest freebies other travellers have received at their hotels.

Q4 via @HolidayChic: What’s the best freebie you’ve gotten in your hotel room?

@wanderplex: Best freebie was an outdoor beer spa at my hostel in Bolivia (+ free microbrew each night!)

@acooknotmad: Have to say champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries, it pays to say it’s your 10th wedding anniversary, even when it’s not. 🙂

@SaraKateTravel: I think it’s on the luxe nite train from Krakow to Lviv. You get free croissants, water, juice, & a bag of toiletries with towels to keep!

@cjguest: The towel origami elephants and rabbits from the staff are a nice touch too.

@MapsForFriends: I’m just happy if there is free coffee. Everything else is a bonus.

@liesbetvh: Coco leaf tea in Peru. At first disturbing but very good tea.

@FreakOutOfTown: I screamed “FANCY!” when I saw L’Occitane products in a Marriott bathroom in Hawaii, then proceeded to steal them all.

@thearcticnomad: Access to the lounge, yay for free food and drinks!

@misscurly12: When I stayed in a pensione in Oporto, the owner gave me a bottle of homemade port.

Tell us about the best free things you’ve found in your hotel rooms and what’s your preferred type of accommodation! 

Travel Talk on Twitter takes place weekly on Tuesdays at 9:30 GMT and 21:30 GMT, why don’t you join in? Follow the #TTOT hashtag on Twitter and answer the travel questions that pop up every 10 minutes for an hour. Next week’s topic: inspiration to travel.

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