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To some travelling in itself is a huge luxury. Having the time off work to tour the globe or even, for the lucky few, to take their life and work with them! Travelling long-term usually means travelling with a tight budget, but as Twitter travellers revealed yesterday, there are tons of great ways to make luxury travel affordable.

Who doesn’t love a little extra pampering while on the road? Whether its a back massage after carrying your backpack around for days, opting for the double room instead of the youth hostel or the seat upgrade on your next long-haul flight (because we all know it’s not worth it for short-haul), a little luxury can go a long way sometimes. #TTOT asked Twitter travel tweeps to talk about luxury travel and how to make it affordable. This is what they had to say.

Q4 via @TheAlexLop How can you make Luxury Travel affordable?

@alexberger: Luxury travel is like buying jeans. You can buy designer jeans at sticker price, or shop around a bit and go off name brand.

@OliOrtiz7: Know where to go!! Hidden treasures in the world that are not overcrowded by tourists and untouched can be luxurious and cheap.

@ecocolorstours: Don’t splurge on everything… choose one or two things you really want, and indulge and stay affordable for the rest!

@travelblggr: Be spontaneous. You’re more likely to get discounts and good rates on fine hotels when booking at the last-minute or the night of.

@alexberger: Another is leveraging student/youth discounts when available. Also, negotiating. Crete in off season eg: luxury meals for 50% cost.

@sushibananas: Even luxury locations have low seasons. Travel within them for lots of free upgrades!

@lpusastaff: Change your definition of luxury. Subtract pointless opulence & suddenly many budget destinations become luxurious.

@soultravelers3: The key so affordable luxury travel is thinking out of the box & going slowly!


Of course, there are a few other things that also help…

@chris2x: Lottery numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42.

@beforeiam35: Marry rich…

@traveldudes: Become a popular luxury travel blogger! 😉

How do you afford luxury travel? What are your favourite luxury destinations?

Travel Talk on Twitter takes place weekly on Tuesdays at 9:30 GMT and 21:30 GMT. Follow the hashtag #TTOT and join in the conversation. Next week’s topic: Travel Technology

Img: Sarah_Ackerman / Flickr cc.

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