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This week’s #TTOT topic was wildlife travel. Some countries seem better than others when it comes to catching wildlife in their natural habitat but that all depends on what kind of creatures you’re looking for. Spotting the big five on a trip to Africa or grey squirrels in a London park, you can find wildlife practically everywhere. But what are the best countries in the world?

This week’s questions not only revealed the best places to spot wildlife but also the pros/cons of such an industry. Wildlife tourism is a multi-million dollar industry around the world and for many countries, (Australia, India, Canada and Indonesia to name a few) wildlife travel is an important part of tourism.

Q3 via @marksmayo: Which 3 countries are the best for wildlife travel and why?

1. @bespoketravels: South Africa (lions), India (tigers), and Canada (bears)…oh my!

2. @swanny_adel: Australia for diversity, Tanzania for Ngorongoro, Antarctica for something totally different.

3. @jbranigan: Sometimes the most vicious experiences are in the airport.

4. @eurapart: Canada for squirrels, France for marmots, Wales for sheep.

5. @RickGriffin: New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro & Las Vegas have the wildest life I’ve ever encountered!

6. @OysterWorldwide: #Nepal (Elephant trekking), #Tanzania (the Ngorongoro Crater, what’s not to love!?) and #SouthAfrica (diving with sharks!)

7. @MyPostcardFrom: Australia for the sheer amount of wildlife that can kill you!

8. @TravelingEditor: The city wildlife spotters’ guide big four: pigeons, squirrels, foxes, and the elusive tooth fairy…all can be found in London.Bolivian llama

9. @whenitravelled2: Bolivia for its Andean llamas, alpacas, vicuna, condors and its Amazonian pumas, jaguars, sloths, monkeys, armadillos etc.

10. @FearfulGirl: Tonga is a great place to see humpback whales. Australia always delivers on the wildlife too.

Australia, South American rainforests and Africa certainly made themselves known as some of the best regions around the world for spotting wildlife in their natural habitats. Where have you seen the best wildlife in the world?

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Imgs: David Berkowitz, Phillie Casablanca / Flickr cc.

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