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With summer around the corner, it’s time to decide which underwater worlds you’re going to explore this year. Croatia, Egypt, Philippines, Jordan, Malta, Mauritius… join us as we dive under the surface and explore the secrets and magic of these dive spots.

Let’s dive right in!


One of the jewels of the Mediterranean, the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea hug Croatia’s shores that are calm and full of life and history. Spend your dive holiday combing the coasts. For wrecks, head to the Baron Gautsch near Rovinj where a 19th century ship is sunk 40m below the surface. For beginners, the Margarina Reef is perfect, just 5m below the surface and the potential to dive to a deep canyon where the remains of a wreck lay.


Diving in the Philippines is gaining a reputation year by year. It’s one of the best destinations for the sport in all of Asia with pristine reefs just off the coasts with a vast and varied underwater life. Biodiversity at its finest!


Jordan has quite a small coastline, a mere 15 miles, but diving is a favourite among holidaymakers in the area. The best spot is in the area surrounding Aqaba where you can explore the sites around a sunken tank. It was sunk on purpose in 1999 to create a home for an artificial reef.


Another Mediterranean spot, Malta is perfect if you’re planning a short-haul holiday. There are plenty of cheap flights to Malta taking off from London all summer long. Malta is known in the diving community for its excellent underwater visibility, caves and tunnels (Inland Sea and Blue Hole). The dives are great for beginners and the Maltese culture is more than welcoming!


Mauritius, a popular holiday spot for the French but widely underrated by the Brits. This island in the Indian Ocean has an underwater life that is envy-worthy. The diversity of its species, the dramatic underwater landscapes and visibility make this a very special place to learn how to dive.


Jacques Cousteau once described the Red Sea as “the corridor of wonders,” just a little taste of what kind of diving conditions you can find in Egypt. Dives here are captivating; you’ll wonder why everyone else is spending their time gazing at the Wonders above the water where there are so many to discover below it.

Check out Dives to the strangest deeps for more dive inspiration! Where are you favourite dive spots?

Img: JordiChias / Flickr cc.

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  1. Don’t forget about the Florida keys, go further south to Maranthon and enjoy the spur and groove reefs about 7 miles offshore.

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