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  •   < 1 min read is one of the most comprehensive travel search engines on the web. We crawl 250 different travel sites every time you launch a search for cheap flights, hotels and car hire deals on, including 600 airlines and 250,000 hotels around the world. is committed to finding the best deals on the web for travellers which is why we’re adding more and more sites to out database every week and Virgin Atlantic is the latest.

Last Wednesday added Virgin Atlantic to the list. Now, when you search for flights on you’ll be able to find flights listed by Virgin Atlantic in your results. You can also find flights solely operated by Virgin Atlantic by choosing it from the filters on the search result page. The more sites we search the better chance you have of finding the best deals available, always in real-time and always listed with the cheapest deals first.

Virgin Atlantic is based in the UK and has been committed to safety, security and consistent delivery since it’s birth in the 1980s by Virgin Records owner Richard Branson. What started with an aeroplane packed with musicians and celebs has turned into the second largest long-haul airline operating from the United Kingdom. It is also one of the leading airlines in sustainable jet travel. In 2008 Virgin Atlantic was the first airline in the world to operate flights using a biofuel blend.

Virgin Atlantic flies from London, Manchester and Glasgow to destinations around the world including a dozen American cities, the Caribbean, South Africa, Australia and more! Find travel offers from Virgin Atlantic the next time you search for cheap flight deals on, the traveller’s search engine.

Image source: foxycoxy / flickr

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