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Doesn’t dressing up like a hamster sound like fun? Thanks to the imaginative sense of humour of a few creatives now you can immerse yourself in the daily life of a hamster, complete with hamster suit. Introducing the “Hamster Villa”.

Accommodation choices come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve already covered the crazy hotels, luxury private island hotels, glamping, even hotels with the best views. Think you’ve seen it all? Wrong. Here’s something far-out and eccentric that almost passed us by without notice. We said “almost.”

The idea for the Hamster Villa came from Yann Falquerho, a former interior designer. He had the great idea to create this very unique themed hotel. The hotel allows guests to try out what it’s like to be a hamster while on holidays in Nantes by sleeping in cages for rooms, hay stacks instead of beds and even a human-sized running wheel. There are even hamster hoodies to wear as well.

Hamster villa shots

Hamster life is the good life

Nothing has been left untouched by the hamster theme, not even the food. On the menu you won’t find the usual coq au vin but rather organic seeds for snacking. Even the water is served from a tube! The hotel definitely attracts an certain type of guest, one with a sense of adventure and experimentation.

“The Hamster in the world of children is that little cuddly animal. Often, the adults who come here have wanted or did have hamsters when they were small,”

Falquerho said in an interview with Reuters. Apparently the hotel is taking off and is extremely popular, with many guests booking their stay out of sheer curiosity. It’s certainly an experience to write home about! Don’t worry, the hotel rooms also have the usual hotel amenities as well like coffee, kitchenette, Wi-Fi and a TV.

At €99 a night, would you give this theme hotel a try?

Imgs: Nantes Tourism Office

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