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Travel nightmare? Hardly, a delayed flight is as common as anything and while it’s entirely inconvenient, at least it’s not a cancelled flight. Some airports, cities and countries are worse than others but which flights are most likely to be delayed?

Civil Aviation Authorities recently did a study on delayed flights and which flight are most likely to be delayed. This is what they found out. Keep in mind that while statistics show one thing, that doesn’t mean that if you’re taking-off to Dubai that your flight will be delayed, it’s just a little more likely that it will be than if you were taking-off to Rotterdam.


Passengers flying to Dubai are most likely to experience delays. In the first quarter of this year, flights to and from Dubai recorded the worst on-time performance out of the 75 destinations with the most international scheduled flights, with just 66% of flights departing and arriving on time.


The CAA looked at the ten busiest airports in the UK and overall the on-time performance was 82%, not bad! The UK scored the same last year which leaves room for improvement but at least there was no drop in performance.


Passengers flying to Toronto are more likely to experience the longest delays. Between January and March of 2012, flights to and from Toronto experienced the highest average delay, 20 minutes, which is twice as long as the average delay.


Some may be surprised to know that the most punctual flights are to and from Rotterdam with an astounding on-time performance of 93%! Rotterdam also scored points for having the lowest average delay of only 5 minutes.

Something every air travel passenger should read: Delayed flights: compensation, refunds, what are your rights?

Have you ever had a severely delayed flight? Do you know your rights?

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