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Dream beaches, cultural diversity, friendly locals… and this is just the beginning of what the Comoros Islands have to offer travellers. Here’s a little taste of the island life in this archipelago.

The Comoros are a set of four islands located between the coast of Africa and Madagascar: Grande Comore (where the capital of Moroni is located), Anjouan and Moheli are under the sovereignty of the Union of the Comoros, while the island of Mayotte is under the sovereignty of the French Republic.

What to do in the Comoros?

Scuba diving: Diving enthusiasts won’t be disappointed by the excellent conditions among the islands here. Dive to strange deeps along the seabed and explore this unique part of the world from the viewpoint of Flounder and his friends.

Hiking: The hills and mountains in the island’s interiors are spectacular for trekking of all lengths and difficulties. Most circuits are well-signed. Try the Mvouni – Karthala Circuit on Grande Comore.

Souvenirs: Other than the gorgeous “picture perfect” photographs you’re bound to take, you should also pick up a game of Mraha before you head home. It’s a wooden board game that’s extremely popular in the Comoros Islands and you can find them in practically every artisan market.

Travel tips for the Comoros Islands

When to go? The tropical climate in the Comoros has two very distinct seasons: dry season from May to November and hot/wet season from December to April.

Security: When it comes to personal security while visiting the islands, it’s best to respect Muslim traditions and customs when taking photographs, according to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Flights and travel: It’s a long trip to the Comoros Islands but one that’s totally worth it. There are no direct flights to Moroni from London but Kenya Airways flies with a stopover in Nairobi. Air Madagascar also offers cheap flights to Moroni almost daily.






Imgs: D-StanleyDaryl Wallace / Flickr cc.

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