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Last week we covered the road conditions and some useful tips on renting a car and planning a road trip in Iceland in November. Because of the cold weather, it’s a good idea to stay south at this time of the year. Here’s a guide on what to see and do on the road between Reykjavik and Höfn.

Once you arrive on your flights to Reykjavik, spend every day as if it were your last on the island. Take in as much as you can, visiting as many places that have been on your bucket list as possible. Even during bad weather you can always enjoy the view… at least for a few minutes before running back into the car away from the cold and the wind.

The weather in Iceland is unpredictable. It could change from sun to hail to snow within minutes. Keep an eye on forecasts and make sure you’re back in Reykjavik the day before your flight. You wouldn’t want to find yourself suddenly stranded by snow and miss your flight home!

If you need a little inspiration on where to go and what to visit, here’s the route that Mateja followed on her trip.

I spy with my little eye… a waterfall!

The waterfalls in Iceland are some of the country’s top attractions. There are so many! Even from the car, you can spot waterfalls all along the roads. Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss however, should definitely be at the top of your list.




Fire, Earth, Wind and Water

The Westman Islands are only about a 30 minute trip by ferry from Landeyjahafnarvegur. Want to save money by leaving the rental car behind? Use the car park and cross as pedestrians. The main island of Heimaey is easily explored on foot.



Vik í Mýrdal

The rock formations along the coast at Vik are simply breathtaking. If you can go all the way along until Leuchtrum, you won’t be disappointed. You can get the best photos from here but sometimes the weather doesn’t permit. The black beach is always fascinating.



Ice, ice, baby

Glacier tours are almost a necessary extra. While an extra expense for a budget travellers, you can’t argue that these glaciers look pretty cool!



And more ice!

Haven’t seen enough ice yet? Then head over to Jökulsárlón Glacier Lake. In the colder months, giant blocks of blue ice float past. It’s like something off of a postcard. In November, the parking lot at the lake is almost deserted.




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