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We won’t say you’re crazy for staying in Britain this winter, especially after the news about Sri Lanka being the best value, because Britain has some pretty great spots to visit, even in the winter where you won’t feel the chill of London’s soggy streets.

Pembrokeshire: sun, twelve months a year


If the grey skies and constant wet are getting you down, there may be some respite in Pembrokeshire’s south coast. It’s one of the sunniest places in Britain so even if the cold still bites, at least there is sun. Take a tour of Pembroke Castle, birthplace of Henry VII, or visit the oldest building in town, the Milford Haven Heritage and Maritime Museum.

Gwynedd: the föhn effect


You might be thinking, north Wales… really? But hear us out. In the last 100 years, temperatures have risen above 17C eight times in January here. Not possible? It’s called the föhn effect which is actually quite common in the Alps when warm, dry wind blows from the lee side of the mountains. The best place to enjoy it is Portmeirion. The Mediterranean architecture and tropical gardens may seem out of place in Britain but winter in this Ligurian Riviera-inspired town is far from British.

Isles of Scilly: warmest place in Britain


The Isles of Scilly are the warmest in Britain with an average temperature of 12C. In January the average is 7C but don’t let that get you down, that’s warmer than Nice in winter! With usually only two frosts a year, this is considered balmy and a perfect place to enjoy your holidays in the UK. When a winter storm rolls in it can seem pretty bleak but the rest of the time the white-sand beaches are perfect for walks.

Devon: warm enough to grow bananas


Devon’s Overbeck has a microclimate that bone-chilled Brits should definitely take advantage of. Thanks to the South Ham hills, Overbeck is so well protected from the cold they have no problem growing bananas, olives, Chusan palms and fuchsias.

Where do you like to spend your winter holidays, at home in Britain or abroad?

Imgs:, carlton browne, allan_harris, humbert15 / Flickr cc.

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  1. I always assumed most of Britain was cold during the winter months, so it’s great to know which destinations stay warm!

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