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Woody Allen gets New York. It’s no wonder that films like Manhattan, Annie Hall, Husbands and Wives, among dozens of others have shaped how we see New York City’s streets, delis and parks. Let’s take a tour of NYC with Woody Allen as our guide.

Manhattan and strolling through the city make life worth living. – Woody Allen

Woody Allen’s book shops

He could never resist a scene in a bookstore. While some have closed up shop since filming there are a few that are still around and open for business.

  • Pageant Book & Print Shop (East Village) – Where Michael Caine and Barbara Hershey meet before starting an affair in Husbands and Wives.
  • Argosy (Upper East Side) – Close to Woody Allen’s real-life home, it’s stocked with old and used rare titles as seen in The Front. You’ll find it at 116 E 59th Street between Park and Lexington Avenue.

Manhattan museums

New York’s museums are real gems and shouldn’t be overlooked, especially on a rainy day. The Guggenheim Museum made an appearance in Manhattan. Woody Allen and Diane Keaton’s characters meet there in the film and the building is as much a piece of art as the collection inside, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The Metropolitan Museum made a brief appearance in the same film.

Also in Manhattan is The Whitney Museum. Mary and Isaac take a walk through The Whitney whose collection is vast. It features mostly living artists and is one of the best museums on the Upper East Side.

The Guggenheim

Delis, tea rooms and clubs

If anyone knows where to get a decent drink around New York, it’s Woody Allen. The Jewish Carnegie Deli is across the street from Carnegie Hall and was featured in the film Broadway Danny Rose. For a slice of something Italian, John’s Pizzeria in West Village is a must right after a long flight to New York. It’s been there since 1929 and the menu only has three things on it: pizza, pasta and calzones. Tracy tells Isaac she’s been accepted to a school in London here in Manhattan.


Dean and Deluca is a must, from Husbands and Wives. Grab lunch here while trying to figure out which corner of Manhattan to explore next. You’ll find it at 560 Broadway between Prince and Spring Street.

Other places to eat and drink that were featured in Woody Allen films:

  • Lanza’s – Larry, Carol, Ted and Marcia crack the murder case here in Manhattan Murder Mystery. (168 1st Avenue)
  • Yonah Schimmel Knishery – Jewish treats from Whatever Works. (137 East Houston Street)
  • Nam Wah Tea Parlor – This was the first dim sum restaurant in New York, as seen in Radio Days. (13 Doyers Street)
  • Russian Tea Room – Woody is a regular at this uptown tea room where “every experience is memorable.” (150 W 57th Street)
  • The 21 Club – Larry and Carol take their son here for dinner in Manhattan Murder Mystery. (21 W 52nd Street)

What’s your favourite Woody Allen film?

Imgs: Phil Roeder, thomas claveirole / Flickr cc., wiki

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