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It doesn’t take long to see exactly why this airport west of Seoul, South Korea, has been voted the best in the world for the last five years. It’s sleek, incredibly modern and caters to the above average passenger’s needs. Apart from being served by some of the world’s best transportation system, its out to win the hearts of  all types of travellers.

Incheon International Airport sets high standards for airports in the 21st century. Actually Asia in general sets standards high, leaving European airports in the dust when it comes to passenger services, transportation and amenities. When it comes to top 10 airports in the word, Incheon takes the cake, with Hong Kong International in second and Singapore’s Changi Airport in third place. 6 Asian airports make up the top in the world followed by Zurich, Munich, Amsterdam and Auckland in New Zealand. If you’re looking for cheap flights to Seoul, this is just a taste of what is waiting for you at the airport.

Incheon for the culture traveller

Culture seekers should head first for Concourse 4 where the Museum of Korean Culture is waiting. A central pagoda is on display, surrounded by various other works of art and artefacts ranging from ancient bells to age-old scrolls. Learning about the richness of Korean royal court culture, the traditions of print-making, traditional art and music is the perfect end to a perfect trip to Korea. Entrance is free and most visit the museum in 20-30 minutes.

The Silk Road of Culture is an artistic initiative by the airport to bring Korean artworks to every passenger whether they have time to visit the airport museum or not. Along the walls of the concourses and passenger terminals there are various artworks displayed by world-famous artists.  Check out the Exhibition Hall of Korean Artistic Crafts and the Arrival Hall Culture Street as well.

Incheon for the epicurean traveller

The list of restaurants, cafés and fast food joints is limitless and it’s certain that you can find anything from cheap/easy food while you’re rushing to your gate to a luxury sit-down meal, prepared personally by world-renown chefs. From noodle bars to smoothie stands, Asian buffets to traditional soups… Each terminal can cater to every budget and taste, so don’t sweat it if you’re favourite restaurant is in terminal 1 and you’re flying out of 3. You’re sure to find something equally delicious anywhere in the airport.

Incheon for the shopaholic traveller

Duty free shopping is not a term used lightly around this airport, they’re really serious about it as long as you have money left to spend, you’ll be able to find top quality liquors, perfumes, cosmetics and other goods at great prices. Designer shops selling the best in international and local Korean products are available as well. When it comes to boutiques, Coach, Fendi and Vivienne Westwood are just the beginning.

Incheon for the luxury traveller

“Spa on Air” should be the first stop on any travellers list when arriving at the Incheon Airport. The sauna combines deluxe facilities including a “tub-in-tub” for maximum relaxation. Thai-style massages are provided by local Thai masseuses, private sleeping rooms are available as well. After your spa, head to the airport casino and roll the dice, you may just win the jackpot before boarding.

Incheon for the tech-traveller

Travellers needing the internet can visit any of the uber-modern internet lounge in 3F and 2F. Other services offered there include fax sending and scanning. On the 3rd floor of the Duty Free area is an IT Experience Centre complete with the most cutting edge mobile services, wi-fi, music and more.

If you’ve really got time to kill, head up to the airport terrace, grab a latte and surf the web. With fantastic views of the runway and the bustle of the airport, it’s one of the most popular hang-out spots in the airport.

What more could you ask for from an airport? What services do you like at the airport, which would you like to see? What were your best and worst airport experiences?

Img: wstay / Flickr cc.

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