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Think man-made island dripping in luxury in any location you wish. It’s the newest idea from an Austrian company who is in the works of building the first prototype. Watch out, luxury travel is about to get a lot more competitive.

They’re called ORSOS Islands and are in the works now. The prototype island should be open to the public by the end of 2013. Consider this: if you’re in the market for a luxury holiday what are your choices? Private yacht, private island, secluded luxury villa… If that’s not enough, soon holidaymakers will be able to rent their own private island that they can position as they like. You choose the destination and your island will be there waiting for you when you step off your flights from London.

As comfortable as a luxury yacht.

Why rent a yacht when you can rent a private island and park it anywhere you choose? Tackling problems cruising has on the environment, ORSOS claims their islands harness wind and solar power for energy and use the sea water to create a naturally cool the air indoors instead of conventional air conditioning.

Island of dreams

  • Size: 20 x 37 metres
  • Capacity: Up to 12 guests
  • Cost: from £2.91 million (any takers?)

Amenities will include a jacuzzi and sun deck with barbecue and outdoor seating for 15, accommodation for up to 4 members of staff, full kitchen plus pantry and bar. Each bedroom features an en-suite bathroom and can even be opened up to each other to make huge suites. For entertainment, relax in the huge lower deck room complete with karaoke, dance floor and home theatre system.

What do you think of the design? Can you imagine these becoming the new choice for luxury holidays?


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