Hire a 6-seats: compare prices on Liligo

How to find a cheap 6-seats hire?


Book in advance

This is the golden rule for finding the best budget car rentals. During the period from March to August, demand is higher and prices can rise. By booking 3 weeks to 2 months in advance, you will find more vehicles available, and at better prices.


Some tips

  • For a short trip, choose car rental deals with limited mileage. They are generally cheaper than those with unlimited mileage. 
  • Compare the deals available in the city and at the airport. There may be a price difference due to airport taxes.. 
  • You will find the cheapest deals in the Mini category, and cars that consume the least fuel in the Economy category.


Compare prices

Find the best rental deal for 6-seats by comparing all prices. Liligo compares offers from more than 900 car rental companies, taking into account your personalised search criteria.

Travel together economically

Hire a 6-seater car for your professional events, sporting events or family holiday. In addition to being user friendly, this type of car is economical and offers you real comfort and a pleasant driving experience. Hiring a 6-seater minivan is another way to travel together while consolidating team bonding or family ties. You also have a spacious boot for equipment and baggage. This type of car is very practical for many occasions:

Family holidays: hire a spacious car to take the whole family on a trip.

A sports weekend: take advantage of a spacious boot to take everything you need for a weekend of adventures with friends or family.

A professional outing: take your employees to the event venue together while also maintaining a bond between the group.

MPVs are known for their large sizes. Hiring a 6-seater minivan is therefore a way to travel comfortably when you are with family, friends or colleagues, taking up to 6 people. This type of vehicle is very suitable for long journeys

If you hire a 6-seater minivan for your holiday, you can choose your station or destination airport as your starting point. This is very convenient and allows you to save on transportation costs.

When searching on Liligo, you can check the options for manual or automatic driving, air conditioning, unlimited mileage and free cancellation in the search filters. By clicking on an deal, you will have access to the rental site where you can choose more options (baby seat, GPS device, snow equipment, for example). 

Despite their large size, 6-seater cars can maintain a fairly economical fuel consumption in the right driving conditions.

In addition to having 6 seats for passengers, the vehicle has a large boot. You can carry bulky items, and even inside due to the modular seats.

Frequently asked questions

Where to hire a 6-seater car?

By launching a search on Liligo, you will be able to compare the deals of 6-seater cars of the hire companies available at the location of your choice. Use the Number of passengers filter to compare only the deals of 6-seater cars.

Car hire companies are located near stations, airports and city centres. Type the name of your starting city in the search bar to more accurately select your starting place.

Can we hire a 6-seater car by month?

In some agencies, you can hire a 6-seater car for a period of one or more months. Payment may be requested all at once to book the vehicle. Find out how many kilometres are allowed in the car hire agreement.

From what age can you hire a 6-seater car?

To hire a 6-seater car in the United Kingdom, you usually have to be over 21 years old. Some renters such as Avis and Sixt agree to hire without age restriction, provided that the licence has been held for 1 or 2 years respectively. If you are under 26, you are considered a “young driver” and you will not necessarily have access to all vehicle ranges. You will also have to pay a “young driver” fee. Conditions vary depending on car hire companies and countries.

How many years do you need on your licence to be able to hire a 6-seater car?

To hire a 6-seater car, a valid licence held for 1 to 2 years is often requested. Each company defines its own criteria according to the category of the car. These criteria also vary by country.

What documents should be presented to hire a 6-seater car?

To hire a 6-seater car, consider taking with you:

  • Your identity card or passport
  • Your driving licence
  • A credit card in your name
  • Proof of address (depending on the agency)
  • A telephone number (depending on the agency)

Car hire companies generally accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express credit cards. If you have another type of card, check that your card will be accepted by the company.

Do you have to take out insurance to hire a 6-seater car?

“Third-party insurance” and “personal injury” coverage are included when you hire a 6-seater car in Europe. Other optional insurance will be offered by the car hire company to better cover you in the event of unforeseen events (repairs on the vehicle, insurance in case of theft, etc.). These protection supplements also reduce the amount of the excess that is your responsibility in the event of an accident. 

Some bank cards allow you to benefit from insurance that can cover you during your car hire. Check before leaving to avoid accumulating insurance.