Hire a commercial-van: compare prices on Liligo

How to find a cheap commercial-van hire?


Book in advance

This is the golden rule for finding the best budget car rentals. During the period from March to August, demand is higher and prices can rise. By booking 3 weeks to 2 months in advance, you will find more vehicles available, and at better prices.


Some tips

  • For a short trip, choose car rental deals with limited mileage. They are generally cheaper than those with unlimited mileage. 
  • Compare the deals available in the city and at the airport. There may be a price difference due to airport taxes.. 
  • You will find the cheapest deals in the Mini category, and cars that consume the least fuel in the Economy category.


Compare prices

Find the best rental deal for commercial-van by comparing all prices. Liligo compares offers from more than 900 car rental companies, taking into account your personalised search criteria.

Commercial van: the solution to cover everything!

Are you moving or do you want to transport bulky equipment? Using your own car to save money is not a good idea. You may actually damage the interior of your vehicle and ultimately spend more, especially if you make several round trips. Renting a commercial van is the ideal option in this case. Whether you choose a van or truck, you’ll have enough room to store anything you want. Some models allow you to easily store up to 100 boxes. Renting a commercial van is therefore ideal for:

Move large or bulky equipment: choose the storage capacity that suits you and move everything you want with your commercial van!

Save money: avoid the expense of employing removalists.

Save time: choose the capacity of a commercial van based on the volume of furniture, boxes or equipment you want to move and do it in a single trip.

Reduce fines: the maximum load allowed and that a commercial van can support is significantly higher than that of a conventional vehicle. By hiring a van for example, you can carry more baggage and avoid a fine in the event of a police vehicle check. 

Storage capacity: specify the storage capacity you need, ranging from 3 m3 to 20 m3, and opt for the vehicle that best suits your needs. 

Number of seats: choose up to 3 seats in front to enjoy company as the driver during the trip. On long journeys, you can swap drivers to avoid fatigue.

Vehicle type: filter the desired “commercial van” type with search filters available on the results page.

Rental period: specify the rental start and end dates in the search bar. You can choose to rent the vehicle by the day, week or for a long period.

Choose departure and arrival locations: specify the vehicle’s pick up and return location before you start your search. If you want a different return location, select “different return location”. Beware of any additional costs that this may incur.

The benefits of Liligo: find the commercial van rental that suits you the most thanks to Liligo’s options. Enter, for example, if you want a van with manual or automatic gears, diesel or petrol, with or without air-conditioning etc. You can also tick the box “free cancellation” if you are looking for rental deals that you can cancel due to unforeseen events.

Frequently asked questions

Where to hire a commercial van?

You can rent a commercial van from a rental agency located in a city centre, close to a train station or airport. Type the name of your starting city in the search bar to more accurately select where you want to rent your commercial car. By searching on Liligo, you will be able to compare the deals of the rental agencies available at the location of your choice. Use the Vehicle type filter to view only commercial van offers.

Can we hire a commercial van by month?

In some agencies, it is possible to rent a commercial car for a month or more. You should be aware that the payment can be requested all at once when booking the vehicle. Ask about the number of kilometres allowed, if there is a limit per day or on the total duration of the rental.

From what age can you hire a commercial van?

To rent a commercial van, you'll generally need to be at least 21 years old and have a 1-year driving license. Please note, however, that each rental agency has its own specific rental conditions. We therefore recommend that you check these conditions with your rental company.

How many years do you need on your licence to be able to hire a commercial van?

The majority of rental agencies require a licence to have been held for at least 2 years in order to rent a commercial car. This is the case with Sixt, for example. Rentacar, however, request 5 years on a licence! These criteria may vary depending on the size of the commercial car, its capacity in number of passengers, and also depending on the country in which you want to rent. So remember to inform the agency of your choice to avoid any unpleasant surprises when picking up of the vehicle.

What documents should be presented to hire a commercial van?

To rent a commercial van, you will need:

  • Your identity card or passport
  • Your driving licence
  • A credit card in your name
  • Proof of address (depending on the agency)
  • A telephone number (depending on the agency)

Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards are the most commonly accepted by agencies. Before finalising your reservation and to avoid any unpleasant surprises at when picking up the vehicle, check that your card will be accepted by the rental agency.

Do you have to take out insurance to hire a commercial van?

“Third-party insurance” and “personal injury” coverage are included in commercial car rental contracts in the United Kingdom. Other optional insurance will be offered by the rental company to better cover you in case of incidents (repairs on the vehicle, insurance in case of theft, etc.). These additional insurance policies also reduce the excess you may have to pay in the event of an accident.

Be aware that some payment cards (VISA Premier for example) include insurance for your car rental. Check beforehand to avoid accumulating insurance.