Hire a sporty-luxury: compare prices on Liligo

How to find a cheap sporty-luxury hire?


Book in advance

This is the golden rule for finding the best budget car rentals. During the period from March to August, demand is higher and prices can rise. By booking 3 weeks to 2 months in advance, you will find more vehicles available, and at better prices.


Some tips

  • For a short trip, choose car rental deals with limited mileage. They are generally cheaper than those with unlimited mileage. 
  • Compare the deals available in the city and at the airport. There may be a price difference due to airport taxes.. 
  • You will find the cheapest deals in the Mini category, and cars that consume the least fuel in the Economy category.


Compare prices

Find the best rental deal for sporty-luxury by comparing all prices. Liligo compares offers from more than 900 car rental companies, taking into account your personalised search criteria.

At the wheel of a dream car

Are you one of those people who dreams of driving a beautiful sports car? For a business meeting or a romantic evening, choose the rental of a luxury car for an extraordinary experience. Take advantage of the power and elegance of a sports car to please a friend or spouse by taking them on a drive to experience the thrills with you. A luxury or sports car combines aesthetics and prestige with the pleasure of driving. Enjoy special moments driving a dream vehicle for all occasions:

Birthdays: surprise a sports driving enthusiast by offering him/her a ride in an exceptional car. 

Weddings: impress your guests and add style and prestige to your event with a beautiful sports car.

Weekends and holidays: take the opportunity to discover a new driving experience.

For fun: no need to own a sports car for pleasure, you can hire one at any time!

A luxury car is characterised by its unparalleled comfort. It allows you to experience an extraordinary driving experience. In this type of car, you don’t notice the hours or the kilometres going past. 

If you’re a thrill seeker, you will be thrilled with a prestige car. The power and roar of the engine, the flexible and highly responsive ratios and impeccable road holding will all be enjoyed by driving enthusiasts.

Hire your luxury or sports car by the day, week or for a long period: enter your dates in the search bar at the top of the page to discover the available offers. 

Number of pieces of baggage: each offer will show the number of pieces of baggage that the vehicle can carry, but the boot capacity is often limited.

Free cancellation: check the “free cancellation” filter to view only deals that include the option to cancel the reservation at no cost. Details of the conditions are available on the site on which you make your reservation.

Unlimited kilometres: the mileage policy is displayed on each offer. You can also filter offers based on this criterion.

Frequently asked questions

Where to hire a luxury car?

By searching on Liligo, you will be able to compare the deals of the car rental companies available at the location of your choice. Use the Vehicle type filter to compare only premium car deals.

Rental agencies are mainly located in city centres and close to stations and airports. Enter the name of your starting city in the search bar to more accurately select your starting place.

Can we hire a luxury car by month?

In some agencies, you can rent a luxury car for a long period. It is possible that payment will be requested from you all at once at the time of booking. Make sure you have checked the number of kilometres allowed on the rental contract.

From what age can you hire a luxury car?

Luxury cars, which belong to the Premium category, are rarely available for rent for those under 21. In some agencies, the minimum age is even 25 years. These conditions may vary by agency and country. If you are under 25 and want to rent a luxury car, consider checking these conditions in advance. Also check the “young driver” fees (these fees are included in the price on the Liligo site if you ticked the box regarding your age at the beginning of the search).

How many years do you need on your licence to be able to hire a luxury car?

Generally, the driver is asked to present a valid licence held for at least 3 years being able to rent a luxury car. For the highest-end cars, for example at Avis Prestige, drivers must have a valid licence held for 10 years. Check these conditions by agency and depending on the country in which you rent your car.

What documents should be presented to hire a luxury car?

Renting a luxury car often entails more demanding conditions than for entry-level cars. Generally, you will be asked for the following documents: 

  • Your identity card or passport
  • Your driving licence
  • A credit card in your name
  • Proof of address (depending on the agency)
  • A telephone number (depending on the agency)

To rent a luxury car, you will need a credit card accepted by the car rental company. You will not have any problems with an exclusive credit card. Check the conditions with the rental company, especially if you are going abroad.

Do you have to take out insurance to hire a luxury car?

In Europe, “third-party insurance” and “personal injury” coverage are included in rental contracts when you rent a luxury car. High-end cars, called Premium, may involve a high excess at your expense in the event of an accident. You can reduce or eliminate this excess with insurance from an exclusive credit card. If you do not have this type of card, it can be reassuring to opt for the protection supplements offered by the rental agency.