Who are we?

What is liligo.com?

liligo.com is a travel search engine with a mission: to make your travel planning easy and efficient. Searching all available flight, car sharing, bus and train prices from a wide range of travel sites such as online travel agencies, major and low-cost airlines and tour operators, our aim is to find the best price for your trip. We also compare hotel and car hire prices, so however you want to travel - we've got you covered.

Neither an online travel agency, nor an airline, nor a tour-operator, liligo.com searches all the sites you know (and some you may have missed). Liligo.com doesn't sell you anything – we're simply here to make finding the right trip for you as hassle free as possible. After all, you have better things to do. We don't.

How does liligo.com work?

A powerful search engine, liligo.com travels across the web to compare prices from hundreds of travel sites worldwide. We then show these to you in an organised list of results, so you can easily compare prices and find the best one for you. All this, in less than 30 seconds.

You can easily customise and review your search using our handy search filters. Once you've found the route you want, simply click on your choice and you'll be redirected to the travel supplier's site to book.

Why should I trust liligo.com ?

Here at liligo.com, we work hard at being one of the most objective, exhaustive and useful travel search engines around. That means no hidden agenda, no confusing prices and no favouritism when it comes to displaying your search results. We'll never try to steer you towards a certain site to make your booking: we don't care what flight you choose. But we do care about being transparent when it comes to offering you the best deal for your trip - so results are always listed with all taxed and fees included.

Is it free to use liligo.com?

It is totally free to use liligo.com! liligo.com allows travel agencies and airline companies to better display their offers to the world and is then remunerated for this service. Like most search engines, liligo.com also displays sponsored ads which are clearly indicated by an icon. However we stick to our word: you'll never have to pay for using liligo.com.

Where does liligo.com come from?

Founded by Pierre Bonelli in 2005, liligo.com has grown over the years however our dedication to finding the best travel deals has remained the same. Led by a 50 strong team with a passion for technology and travel, developing the best travel search engine on the web just comes naturally.