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You have 41 days to decide where you’ll be ringing in the New Year. If you’re dying to get away then don’t put off booking any longer! New York, Amsterdam, Paris are always fun but if you’re looking for something a little different, try one of these destinations.

Rio de Janeiro

If you’re looking for a beach party on December 31st, look no further than Copacabana Beach in Rio. The parties here are hard to beat with extravagant fireworks and an atmosphere that competes with Carnival. Two million people flock to the beach to party with concerts and dancing all night long.

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A quick jump across the Irish Sea will land you in Dublin, a city that knows how to throw a good party! The place to be on the big night is St. Stephen’s Green where fire breathers and stilt walkers amass for a fantastic show. After the countdown the only place worth being is in one of the city’s legendary pubs. Merrion Square and Grafton Street are always good picks.

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Icelanders have a unique take on New Year’s which we can definitely get behind. Midnight hits and the sky explodes in fireworks. After that the city is alight with bonfires. The locals gather in each neighbourhood to light giant fires which everyone gathers around to keep warm. The city also has a free-for-all fireworks policy so you can expect to see explosions in the sky all night long. Later, hit the clubs in the city centre till 6am. Fly low cost with cheap flights to Reykjavik onboard WOW Air.



Thailand celebrates New Year’s three times a year so you can imagine that they know what they’re doing! The capital explodes with food stalls, beer gardens, concerts and parties when Western, Chinese and Thai New Year’s arrive. For a more Thai experience, try Sanam Luang across from Central Word for more traditional music and dance all night long.



If you’re going to North America for New Year’s why not make it Time’s Square? While some find it enjoyable to be smashed into a crowd of millions, pay upwards of $200 for entry into a Manhattan nightclub and walking home later (no chance you’ll ever hail a cab) Toronto serves up a super cool nightlife scene without the price tag or the hassle. Head to Nathan Philip’s Square for the countdown.


Where will you be heading for New Year’s Eve?

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