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Spring is the perfect time to travel. There are unlimited springtime savings out there in March and April for cheap flights. Cities are starting to gear up for this summer’s tourist season. March to May is the perfect time to take advantage of the last of the low-season offers and check out some of Europe’s most popular cities before the crowds arrive.

Fly from London to Stockholm for £26 in April, grab it before April’s showers wash it away! Stockholm is known for its grey winters and pleasant summers, but what does spring have to offer this crawling metropolis? Great opportunities inside and outside. You might have to pack some galoshes or an umbrella but Stockholm never ceases to satisfy travellers, every day of the year. Stockholm is a great destination for weekend getaways, even better if you can stay longer. The city’s reputation for great food, exciting nightlife and contagious taste in design are just the beginning.

So, you’ve got three days in Stockholm. What to see? What to do? What to taste?

What you should most definitely explore is the Gamla Stan, the city’s old town. It is an eclectic mix of colourful terra cotta houses and small winding streets that are easy to lose oneself in. It is worthwhile to search out the Royal Armoury (Livrustkammaren) 3 Slottsbacken. It is a collection of 500 years worth of treasures, costumes, and stomach contents (seriously). It costs 70 SEK to enter.

You should see the world’s first open-air museum, Skansen. It was founded in 1891 and features more than 150 Swedish houses and cottages, a small zoo with a collection of Nordic animals likes wolverines, owls, bears, reindeer, etc. This place offers a unique, and life-sized, look into the past of Sweden.

Something you should do is get a day pass or multi-day pass ticket for travelling and island-hopping in the city’s archipelago. There are more than 20 000 islands to explore and it is worthwhile to set aside a day to do it.

Every visitor to Stockholm should take advantage of the local flavours. Fast street food usually includes a grilled or boiled hot dog with some senap eller ketchup. Try also pytt i panna which is a dish consisting of fried meat with onions and potatoes, served with fried eggs and slices of pickled red beets. For the brave, try surströmming. It is fermented herring in a can.

Pastry and coffee? So Swedish! (sxc)

Stockholm has an obsession with coffee. Sweden ranks second in the world of coffee consumption. Take advantage of the endless café experiences waiting around every corner. See if you can get an invitation to a kafferep, a special coffee party. If the weather is lousy, grab a magazine or your travel journal and find a spot with a view. For a light snack try Swedish bread with messmör, a soft whey cheese, spread on top.

Don’t let April’s showers get you down, May’s flowers are on the way! Take advantage of the springtime savings while they’re around. Have you been to Stockholm? Add some of your ideas to sights to see and foods to taste!

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