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You want to travel, but you’ve got a budget? No problem, there are plenty of destinations close to the UK which offer a great chance to get away without having to empty your savings account. Here’s our list of top 5 destinations that won’t cost you more than £50 round trip from London, found using Buzz on Are your bags ready? All you have to do is check out the Buzz and go!



  • Paris, France

The city of lights attracts visitors all year round, it is unavoidably popular and for good reason! It’s fun to just let loose in the French capital, seeing sights maybe you’ve seen dozens of time before. Grab a disposable camera and go wild with your friends! Pose beside the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame and share a bottle of vin, a baguette and some cheese in a park! Paris is without a doubt the perfect weekend getaway from London, so start searching for cheap flights to Paris!

  • Malaga, Spain

  • Malaga is your ticket to the Costa del Sol, year round. Enjoy the Mediterranean vibe in this emerging Spanish city by spending your days lounging at the beach, retracing Picasso’s footsteps in his natal town, exploring Moorish castles or just enjoying the sweet life of the southern coast. From here, take a day trip to Marbella or further up the coast to charming towns like Nerja, Rincón de la Victoria and Almuñecar. Your airline ticket to Malaga is just a click away.

  • Frankfurt, Germany

  • Although most traveller’s have only seen Frankfurt’s airport, this city is a growing international metropolis. It may be the centre of stocks and banking but there is plenty more to discover here than numbers and business suits. Enjoy a local brew at a bier garten and walk through the Altstadt, the restored Old Town. Frankfurt is home to some of Europe’s biggest fairs during the summer time, something visitors should definitely check out! And the great thing is, you can fly to Frankfurt for less than £50. Incredible!

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Dutch capital is known for its easy rides down the canals, its bike friendliness, the endless number of coffee shops and bars and also its gardens. It is the perfect time to escape to Amsterdam while the tulips are blooming and the weather is fine. Ogle at merchant villas, canal houses and the winding lanes of Jardaan. Amsterdam hosts some of the most outrageous parties in the summertime including the gay pride parade, Roots Music Festival, the Holland Festival and more! Start your search for airline tickets to Amsterdam on

  • Faro, Portugal

Located on the southern coast, this town is for sea soakers and those looking for a little adventure. Unlike other nearby resort towns, Faro is strictly Portuguese. It is laid back and although most people only pass through, it is a city that should not be overlooked. Parks and plazas aside, there are great beaches, including the island of Ilha del Barreta. You should not miss the Capela dos Ossos, a 19th century chapel made of the bones and skulls of 1000 monks. Flights to Faro have never been cheaper!


Share your favourite cheap destinations with us below! Check out Buzz on to find the best offers that have recently been found by other users to destinations in Europe and around the world.

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