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Barcelona is starting to hop again now that the weather has warmed up. Europe is starting to come alive again after a windy and cold winter and Spain’s Catalan capital is no exception. One of the best things about travelling to Barcelona are the endless cheap flights to its neighbouring city of Gerona, can it get any cheaper than £20? Gerona is an hour drive from Barcelona and is easily accessible by car or bus due to the number of low cost airlines using Gerona’s regional airport instead of the more expensive Barcelona Airport. So how to get from Gerona to Barcelona? There are a few ways. The shuttle bus is by far the easiest way. It takes 1 hour and 20 minutes and leaves from in front of the arrival terminal. In Barcelona that bus stops at Estacio d’ Autobusos Barcelona Nord which is connected to the city’s network of underground system. The nearest stop, Arc De Triomf,  is 5 to 10 minute walk from the station. Tickets cost €12 one-way or €21 for round-trip. You could also take a taxi which will cost close to €120 one-way.

Even though Gerona is becoming more and more of a transit city for Barcelona it is still worth a peek. You can take a short bus ride into Gerona from the airport for €2,30. The city has a charming old town along the Onyan River. The cathedral and the Collegiate Church of Sant Feliu are both important to the city’s architecture. We recommend walking along the River to admire the perfectly preserved art nouveau-style houses that line the riverside, especially the Teixidor Flour Mill which was designed by the famous Catalan architect Rafael Masó.

Don’t leave before tasting some of the area’s flavours. Gerona is famous for its lobster and wild mushrooms. The local wines and cheeses also come highly recommended. Gerona is very easily explored by foot so stretch your legs after your flight and stop by Gerona before heading Barcelona’s way. There are great last minute flights along with all of the usual low cost ones to Gerona, check them out! From Gerona’s city centre you can take a shuttle bus right to Barcelona for the same price as from the airport.

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