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It’s no secret that transport in London can be pretty pricey. Fortunately, things are looking up as the new ‘hopper’ fare will make taking a second London bus journey within an hour totally free! 

As part of London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s policy to reduce the cost of living and working in London, the new fare will make bus travel cheaper for those who need to take two bus journeys within the space of an hour.

Available from the 12th September, the ‘Hopper’ fare means that anyone switching buses within an hour long time frame in order to reach their destination will no longer have to pay the cost of both journeys, but instead just the first!

The fare can be accessed by those using pay as you go with either their Oyster or contactless payment cards, and the Mayor’s office predicts that for bus passengers in London, 30 million journeys will become free per year.

The new fare means a saving of £1.50 per journey which – when taking the bus in London is your usual way of travel – could soon stack up.

What do you think of the new fare?

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