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News flash: the weather outside if frightful and while the fire may be delightful, we say get outside and enjoy that white fluffy snowy goodness for all its worth. It’s not everyday that it snows in London so here’s how and where to enjoy it in the English capital.

If you’re brave enough to head out into the snowy and icy cold here are some ideas on how to make the most of London when it turns into a wintery fairy land. Grab your mittens and your hat, a sledge and let’s go!

Go sledging on Hampstead Heath

North London’s famous park is always enjoyed in summer but in winter it’s often neglected. Not when the snow is around though. This is by far one of the best places to go sledging in all of London.


Ride the London Eye

Most Londoners will write the London Eye off as being an over-priced tourist attraction but when snow is so seldom an occasion, you may want to take the ride and see London in a new way. Climb in with your friends and watch the snow cover Big Ben and parliament from the comfort of your (warm) pod.


Head to a traditional London pub

There’s no cosier place than an English pub in winter, especially one that still keeps and open fire in the colder months. Grab a table near the hearth and wait out the bad weather with a pint or two.

Go ice skating at Somerset House

This is an experience that is already magical but even more so when the snow is falling. Rent a pair of skates or bring your own and spend the afternoon skating figure eights around the falling flakes.


Take a walking tour around Westminster

Westminster is one of the most beautiful boroughs in London, certainly one of the most historical. Just when you thought this borough couldn’t get any prettier, take the chance to walk the streets when the buildings are covered in snow.


What’s your favourite way to enjoy the snow in London?

Imgs: vegaseddiewilliamhooknick farnhillfsse8infoa.drian / Flickr cc.

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