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Many international gay pride parades may take place in June but this in no way means that the parties are over for the rest of the year. LGBT keep the party going well into autumn and here is just a taste of gay festivals this season taking place around the world.

  • Sleaze Ball – Sydney, Australia (October, 2010)

Some say that Sydney is one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world and the Sleaze Ball is j really proves it. This LGBT festival has been an annual event since 1982. Each year there is a costume competittion where participants fight for the most creative and outlandish garb. This year’s theme is decadence so you can expect a lot of dazzle, a lot of glitter and pure luxury. The winner of the contest gets a trip for two to New Caledonia. DJs: Adam Love, Beth Yen.

Sleaze Ball 2010

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  • Gay Pride – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (November 14, 2010)

Rio’s Gay Pride parade is by far one of the funniest and most unusual in the world. With full0out costumes, electro-samba and a party atmosphere that rivals carnival time, this city really knows how to party and celebrate diversity. Avenida Atlantica is where it takes place as well as along the Copacabana beach. This years theme targets homophobia.

Gay Pride Rio

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  • Shanghai Pride – China (October 16-31, 2010)

Shanghai’s first Gay Pride celebration took place last year in 2009 and not without its share of controversy. It was the first time any LGBT event of this proportion took place publicly in China. There was no parade since this is forbidden by Chinese law. Instead the gay community will celebrate for two weeks with film screenings, exhibitions, theatre performances and parties.

Shanghai Pride

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  • Bear Pride – Cologne, Germany (November 23-28, 2010)

Cologne’s Bear Pride is the largest gay parties of its kind, totally devoted to the gay sub0culture of “bears: (easily identified by an excess of testosterone). For 5 years a similar party has taken place in London, since 2003 and this autumn will be the first time it happens as well in Cologne, Germany.

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  • Gay Pride – Belgrade, Serbia (October 10, 2010)

This year will be the country’s first ever Gay Pride event after years of struggle, for both authorities to allow such a celebration and for the public to accept it. Belgrade’s gay community tried it for the first time in 2001 but  the event ended in violence. Putting the past behind, Gay Pride invades Serbia again. Amnesty international has warned organisers to maintain maximum security measures to protect the participants following threats made by uber-nationalist groups.

Belgrade Pride

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Img: talitaoliveira / flickr cc

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