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When it comes to music influence there is no genre that has hit the world harder than rock’n roll, on that we can all agree, right? It’s no wonder then with no many influential groups already legendary in music history that monuments in their honour have been erected around the world. Here is our top 5.

Strawberry Fields – John Lennon

Central Park West, between 71st and 74th

The spot in New York City’s Central Park was chosen by the musician’s wife, Yoko Ono one year after the death of Beatles member in 1980. It is not only the spot where he was shot but also one of the couple’s favourite spots in the park, having used to live just moments away in a flat Dakota Apartments. The memorial is in a tear-shaped design with the word “Imagine” written in the centre. Strawberry Fields, named after one of the Beatles’ most famous songs, is also known as the Garden of Peace.

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Elliot Smith Figure 8 Wall

4334 W. Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles

Used as a backdrop for Elliot Smith’s album released in 2008, this wall in Los Angeles is infamous and has become an essential stop for Smith fans since his death. Unfortunately some have vandalized the wall, leaving graffiti and even Roger Waters’ publicity team glued a concert poster over part of it (it was taken down later after fans created an uproar).

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Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens & J.P. Richardson Memorial

Clear Lake, Iowa

In 1959 a place crashed, taking the lives of three of America’s greatest musicians. Clear Lakes wasn’t even supposed to be in the tour schedule, a last-minute decision was made and the three flew instead of taking their usual charter bus. A steel guitar monument was created in 1988 and put, alongside 3 vinyl records at the site of the crash. It’s located a quarter mile west of 315th Street and Gull Avenue, five miles north of Clear Lake.

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Jim Morrison’s Tomb

Le Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris

There is a lot of mystery surrounding his death but Jim Morrison was last seen alive in France. His grave is now an infamous pilgrimage site for fans, leaving flowers, vinyl records, letters and other tokens. There was a bust of his head from 1981 until 1988 when it was stolen.

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Woodstock Museum

Bethel, NY

Woodstock was once a summer celebration for rebellion, with plenty of “sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll” (as the saying goes). Today it’s a landmark for the legendary event that forever shaped American culture. Bethel Woods Centre for the Arts is both a concert venue and a museum today, one that immortalises what’s left of the 1969 event.

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Know any others? Tell us about them!

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  1. We can add Abbey Road (Beattles) in London or Graceland Mansion in Memphis (Elvis Presley) ! It was a very good idea of article !

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