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Can you ever get enough advice on taking better photographs while travelling? It doesn’t have to be as complicated at the rule of three or using fancy digital SLR cameras. You don’t have to be that tourist with a Nikon slung around their next. All you need is something simple. You might be surprised what kind of photos you can get out of a £20 camera.

The lomographic movement has swept the globe and they’ve got some great golden rules to follow to take more meaningful and interesting travel photographs. While lomography has their own line of plastic, toy film cameras, featured in our article: Essential geeky gadgets for travellers, their tips are universal whether you prefer to shoot in 35mm or in digital pixels.

  1. Take your camera everywhere you go. This is a lot easier if you have a small pocket-sized point and shoot. Save your SLR for special photo outings like when you visit the Taj Mahal on a holiday in India or the Alhambra in Spain and you know that you will be taking high-resolution photos. For every other instance, keep it simple and keep it small, taking photos is much more versatile that way.
  2. Take photos any time, all the time –day or night. Play around with the “white balance” settings on your camera and experiment with it on very sunny days and during a dark-lit party. Don’t just follow the pre-set programs on your digi, you might be surprised what comes out if you don’t.
  3. Take photos from the hip. The standard viewpoint of a photograph is usually from the height of the photographer, with the camera help up to the level of the eyes. What happens when you take the shot rather at your hip level? There is a whole other perspective waiting to be discovered from there, even lower from your feet. Squat down a second and shoot upwards!
  4. Get closer. Don’t be shy to get up close to your subjects. There are perfect moments to step back but getting up close will give a whole new definition and texture to your photographs than the regular 2-6m distance. At the market? Show the details of those fruits or spices!
  5. Act fast, don’t think, just click. You can never predict when the perfect photo-op will present itself so you always have to be ready. When you see something you life, get your camera ready and snap! Don’t think about composition because by the time you set your camera and manually focus, your prize photo has already passed you by. Just click!

What kind of camera do you take on the road with you: digital, film, both? What photography advice can you give fellow travellers?

Img: kirstea, Flickr cc.

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  1. Beneficial information shared. Photography is indeed the best way to express your feelings and depicts the era. I love photography and look over the web for finding useful stuff for the same. Your tips are really excellent!!!

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