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Every Tuesday an outrageously popular travel talk does down, live on Twitter! Travellers from all over the world get together (virtually of course) to share tips, stories and experiences. February 15th’s topic was solo travel and experts weighed in on advice they’d give first-timers.#TTOT brought out a wealth of excellent travel advice this week for first-time travellers heading out on solo trips. The final question ended this week’s talk with a bang.

@deafknee asked:

What’s the most important tip you have for anyone travelling solo for the first time.

What did the experts say?

@solangefrancois – Keep your wits about you. Have eyes in the back of your head and trust nobody at first!

@Traveller_Jo – Pack a little bit of bravery because you don’t want to miss out on anything.

@glampacker – Learn how to say thank you in another language so you can thank locals when you ask for directions!

@eurapart – Book accommodation in advance so you won’t get any shocks when you arrive. Meet all those new people with a heartfelt smile.

@Banff_Squirrel – Wear the flag of a different country. Starts conversations with foreigners rather than folks from home.

@traveldudes – Don’t be afraid of traveling solo or feel awkward! It rocks at the moment you are on the road!

@WildJunket – First time traveling solo: be more outgoing if you wanna meet people on the road but don’t trust strangers.

@WilliamsCE – BYO toilet paper.

@roniweiss – Don’t be afraid to talk to yourself.

@BudgetTraveller – Anyone in a relationship -don’t be afraid to take off solo. It’s healthy. Keeps fire in ur relationship alive.

What do you think of their advice? Do you agree with it, why or why not? Have any more advice to add? Share it in the comments!

How does #TTOT work?

  • Every week there is a different topic, each session is hosted by a traveller on Twitter.
  • At 9:30am and 9:30 pm (GMT) the talk starts.
  • Every 10 minutes a new question is posted.
  • All you need to do to get involved is follow the #TTOT hashtag and join in the conversation!

For more info, check out and become a fan of Travel Talk on Twitter on Facebook.

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